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Rockwall Gun Club is a complete shooting outdoor experience for the whole family. My family can enjoy quality outdoor time together while enjoying friendly shooting competition increasing our shooting skills. I worry less about my families ability to protect themselves when I am not with them and they are confident in their own abilities.
RGC Testimonial ~ Randy Jones RGC President, Board of Directors
Because of an employment offer that my wife accepted, it requires us to relocate from Oregon to Texas. I belong to two premier gun clubs now in the Portland area, and it was imperative for me to find the "Creme Del le Creme" of gun clubs in the Dallas area for my passion, long range Shooting. After researching all of the club opportunities in the state, Rockwall Gun Club, had by far, the largest, newest, most technically advanced, most indoor and outdoor lanes available with a very professional staff, that offers lots of personal service. The always 'hot' 500yd range was the clincher for me, as you can check your targets by using supplied iPads, never having to go 'cold'. Karma has us arriving in Texas, just as the club is having its Grand Opening. I'm excited to be a 'Founding Member', and look forward to many years of shooting.
RGC Testimonial ~ Alan Marks RGC Founding Member
70 plus acres allows these great folks to spread the love around. Their 18 station clay course is spectacular and 20 lanes for both 25 yard pistol and 100 yard rifle means no more waiting. Their 500 yard automatic rifle range has heat signature technology letting you see your results on an iPad, and they even have a full archery range. It's pretty amazing what they have accomplished out there.
RGC Testimonial ~ Billy MacLeod
I chose to join the Rockwall Gun Club Because of all the different shooting sports that it offers. It's the only gun club around that allows me to shoot all types of weapons at one location. It has a first class skeet course which I love, but I can also shoot my bow or shoot long range rifles on the 500 yd range and its location makes it convenient being that it's close to Rockwall!
RGC Testimonial ~ Andy Mitchell RGC Founding Member
My family has a membership at Rockwall Gun Club. Since Sam and Amber became the head honchos, the pace of progress is unbelievable. I am sure without a doubt this will become THE private gun club experience in North Texas. Sam and Amber treat you like family. Get on board and start the fun - we'll see you on the range! PULL!!!
~ Randy Seamans RGC Founding Member
I haven't been too happy with the public range options in DFW. I love to shoot but I don't always feel safe and I hate having to wait for a rifle or pistol bay to open up. I'm so glad I found the Rockwall Gun Club. When we first heard the advertisement on the radio, we decided to check the place out. Their shooting facilities are incredible! Everything is new, well maintained and appointed. They cover everything from archery to long range rifle, not to mention an 18 station trap course with plenty of room to grow. The staff is fantastic. They really care about the members and they work hard to provide that country club atmosphere. I've been enjoying getting out there every chance I get and I am really looking forward to introducing my family to the excitement of the shooting sports in this amazing family friendly environment.
~ Joel Muskovich RGC Founding Member
This place is awesome! My new playground!!!
~ Grant Stinchfield RGC Founding Member
I visited Rockwall Gun Club a couple months ago and after seeing the facilities and hearing the long term plan for the club I knew it was something I wanted my entire family to be part of moving forward. The club had to have a "family friendly" environment and I felt confident after my visit that it would. A couple weeks ago this was confirmed 100%. I could already share a few different stories but one that really resonates with me is my wife and two daughters were with me and the range safety officer at the club (who also serves as a Texas Ranger) visited with my family and even talked with my daughters about gun safety. It meant a lot to me that he would take the time to visit with my daughters about gun safety and him serving as a Texas Ranger. The club has the versatility of offering a pistol range, bow range, 18 different skeet shooting stations, and 500 yard rifle range. I look forward to spending time with my wife and daughters at the club in the years ahead. The club provides a outstanding shooting experience.
~ Nathan Hodges RGC Founding Member