Our Team

Our Team

The Private Shooting Experience

Our mission is to educate on all facets of firearms, with an emphasis on safety and provide a wholly unique shooting experience. Rockwall Gun Club members and their guests enjoy the special camaraderie that all shooters appreciate, enhanced by the exclusive ambiance that comes with a country club environment. Comfortably situated in Rockwall Texas, this exciting new facility for sporting enthusiast’s stretches across an 80-acre indoor and outdoor complex that offers a comprehensive spread of activities and benefits. Join Rockwall Gun Club today and embrace what it means to be a part of the “Private Shooting Experience”, where all members are VIP.

Our Team

Mike Williams

Operations Director
(469) 585-0074

Doug Rommell

Outside Operations Manager
(214) 226-1487

Chessica Rommell

Membership & Events Director
(214) 794-6760

Justin Smith

Range Technician

Alex Hernandez

Maintenance Technician

Jerri Shields

Office Assistant

Join Rockwall Gun Club and embrace what it means to be part of

The Private Shooting Experience