Archery Range

Archery Range

Our 48×48 inch targets from Hip Archery and 3D targets from Rinecort, our Archery range has 30 targets on 10 acres with elevated shooting platforms and many different shooting situations to simulate hunting with distances up to 50 yards. There are shooting positions for compound and traditional equipment as well as for men, women, youth, & children.

The range is open 5 days a week year on the honor system.


  • 15 bays
  • 48x48 targets (will accept broad head arrows)
  • 3D animal targets
  • Max range 50 yards

RGC Archery Range Policies and Procedures

  • Only authorized archers are permitted to use the archery ranges.
  • Rockwall Gun Club, at its discretion, may take any and all necessary action to assure the safe operation and use of its facilities.
  • Rockwall Gun Club membership cards must be visible and worn on one's person at all times while on the range.
  • Permitted Equipment: Longbow, Recurve or Compound bow. Full size Crossbow with minimum draw weight of 75 pounds. (Pistol style crossbow is not permitted). RGC reserves the right and has final decision on what may be permitted on the range.
  • Broadheads are allowed.
  • Personal equipment must be inspected by the individual and maintained for safe operation.
  • No firearms or hunting allowed.
  • No more than 15 (15) arrows/bolts (one end) will be shot at each relay.
  • Relay time will not exceed 15 minutes.
  • All shooting will be from the marked firing line only.
  • Only straight in-lane shooting is permitted. No crossing shots, roving or clout.
  • When a "Cease Fire" is called, all arrows/bolts are to be removed from the bows and all bows are to be placed safely on a bow rack. Crossbows must have arrow/bolt removed and the safety engaged.
  • Once all bows are secured on a bow rack (crossbows not cocked and unloaded) and the firing line is declared "Clear", archers may enter the range to retrieve their arrows/bolts downrange.
  • When the firing line is declared "Hot", archers may retrieve their bows from the bow rack, approach the firing line, nock arrows/bolts and resume.

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