Gun safety is the top-most priority at Rockwall Gun Club. Our firearms classes are taught by highly trained professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement and military training. Classes accommodate all skill levels and are designed to increase your confidence with firearms and improve your marksmanship skills. Consult with one of our instructors to discuss your level of experience and what classes will best benefit you.

Rockwall Gun Club provides shooters with the perfect environment and atmosphere to enhance current skills and develop new ones, always with an emphasis on defensive firearm tactics. Stationary shooting will teach you accuracy, while other lessons will assist you in mastering coolness under pressure. Childproofing, securing your firearms, and understanding the rules of deadly force along with learning much more.

Defending yourself or your loved ones requires a special brand of confidence. Nourishing that confidence while emphasizing safety is our primary ambition at Rockwall Gun Club.


Please contact for more information on the following classes:


Basic Pistol

Hunter’s Education


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