500 Yard Rifle Range

500 Yard Rifle Range

Rockwall Gun Club Rifle Range features 9 station in a covered environment, and targets are placed at 200, 300, 400 and 500 yards.  With one station at 500 yard to shoot from the prone position.  Rockwall Gun Club uses camera technology to show your shot pattern on a iPad that is at each station for support, members new need to go down range using this technology.



  • 9 bays
  • Max range 200-500 yards
  • Heat censored targets with iPads in each bay that number and color code each shot

Long Range Operating Procedure

  • SAFETY is our #1 PRIORITY. Know and obey all range commands. They are important to your safety and the safety of others.
  • All firearms will be unloaded with the action open and magazines removed before entering or leaving the range. Unloaded firearms may be transported in gun case, with the actions closed.
  • All firearms will be placed on shooting benches with the muzzles pointed down range or in the rifle racks.
  • There is one Bunker Box with target for each station – each station has a iPad with Bullseye AmmoCam application on it, that app should be working and ready to use, if not please ask your range officer for assistance.
  • Please try to clean up after yourself. Recycle your targets and put spent casings in the provided buckets. Brooms are provided to sweep up spent casings.
  • EMERGENCY CEASE FIRE If an emergency cease fire is needed, it may be called and all shooters shall immediately cease fire and step behind the red line and remain there until the cease fire is cleared.
  • Hearing and eye protection is required on all active shooting ranges.
  • The range safety officers are here to support and assist you in having a safe and rewarding experience. Please seek them out; they are well trained and will answer any questions you may have about ammunition, weapons operations, and can clarify any questions you may have.

Range Lines:

  • Yellow Line Observer line – Please have them stay behind that line.
  • Front Red Line Is do not cross line during live fire, all yardage to targets is from this line. Yardage will be marked on each target

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