Membership Options

Membership Options

Membership options 1-3 offer access to the entire facility including: rifle, pistol, long range, shotgun, and archery.

Membership options 4-5 have access to the listed ranges only.

  1. Individual – $3000 Initiation Fee/$125 Monthly Dues
  2. Family – $5000 Initiation Fee/ $150 Monthly Dues
  3. Corporate – $10,000 Initiation Fee/ $225 Monthly Dues
  4. Sporting ClayIndividual: $1500 Initiation Fee/ $75.00 Monthly Dues Family: $2000 Initiation Fee/ $99.00 Monthly Dues
  5. Rifle/Pistol/Long Range Individual: $1500 Initiation Fee/ $99.00 monthly Dues

Annual Memberships: (Options: Rifle and Pistol DOES NOT include Long Range)

$500.00 Annually/ $10.00 Range Fee for members and guests. (Individual)
$625.00 Annually / $10.00 Range Fee for member and guests (Family)
(Annual Memberships cannot be combined with any other offer.)

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